Minibus Simulator

Do you like to transport people or drive minibuses? Then this game is for you!


Minibus Simulator is one of the bus simulators, which offers you a unique gaming experience to feel like a real minibus driver. Realistic car physics and challenging gameplay are waiting for you! Become the best minibus driver in real city!

  • Realistic physics of minibuses and other vehicles
  • Perfectly detailed passengers/pedestrians with realistic animations
  • Smart transport traffic system
  • Unique system of routes
  • A realistic system of traffic lights and gas stations
  • More than 13 well-detailed minibuses!
  • Detailed locations, both urban and countryside!
  • Three modes of driving: simulator, drift and arcade
  • The cycles of day and night
  • Radio with three radio stations – Rock, Pop, and Rap
  • Realistic system with visual damage
  • Full detailing cars with interior
  • Painting and tuning of minibus
  • Control with the arrows keys, steering wheel or the accelerometer!
  • First-person view and other types of cameras, including rear view camera and camera from salon
  • Incredible 3D graphics and detailed world
  • Exciting gameplay!

Want to feel like a minibus driver? Then Minibus Simulator is your choice!

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LimanSkyGames LTD



File Size

1.0 GB


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