Police Cop Simulator. Gang War

Try on the role of a real police officer! Walk the path from cadet to captain – head of the Police Department! Stop and check pedestrians for illegal documents and prohibited items, as well as car drivers and traffic violators. Arrange exciting police chases for violators, but do not forget to perform the routine work of a simple police officer – maintaining law and order in the city.


You just graduated from the Police Academy, and you’re assigned to this city. Historically the city has several gangs, and the local police chief is trying to maintain a delicate balance, but problems in the relationship of the gangs accumulate, few can forget old grievances, a real gang war will come soon! Relationships with gangs and civilians depend on your actions, as well as which gangs can get real influence in the city and crush the rest of the gangs!


Develop your character and increase your rank! Like any police officer, you have two ways – legal and illegal. You can severely fine violators of law and order, then at the next check your work will be evaluated by the administration and you will get a promotion, as well as bonuses. And you can be more cunning and take bribes to help gangs in their dark Affairs, as well as sell evidence on the black market. Only you can decide which way to choose: the right and long or dishonest, but faster.

  • Interactive open world filled with civilians, criminals, police chases and gangs fighting over territory
  • Real police life simulation – accept police calls from dispatcher and go on dangerous missions
  • Decide for yourself which cop to become – a dirty cop who takes bribes, or a good cop who does everything according to the letter of the law
  • Customize your character’s appearance using both civilian clothing and various police uniforms
  • Arrange exciting police chases after law enforcement officers and wanted persons, but do not forget to do the routine work of a simple policeman – maintaining law and order in the city
  • Stop and check pedestrians and car drivers for illegal documents and prohibited items, as well as for other offenses
  • Use a variety of vehicles in pursuit from police patrol cars to muscle cars
  • Improve the performance and customize the look of your car using the tuning system
  • Get to know the life of a police officer from the inside: use various gadgets of a police officer from a shocker to a police shield and grow up the career ladder from cadet to captain of the station
  • Don’t forget to update your police arsenal – you have access to a large selection of weapons, both cold and firearms: from a baton and a pistol to a shotgun and a rifle
  • Intelligent system of city services: the wounded and killed are picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital, and the detained criminals are picked up by a paddy wagon and taken to the police station
  • Go through a fascinating story associated with the gang war with a sidekick who will cover your back in gunfights and other dangerous missions

Are you fond of the police? Do you like exciting police chases for violators? Wanted to feel like a real police officer and go all the way from the cadet to the captain of the police station? Then the game Police Cop Simulator. Gang War is Your Choice!

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