Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D

Try on the role of a real trucker! Go through the path from the ordinary driver of a small old truck to the owner of a trucking company! Choose your cargo and deliver it to your destination in a huge open world! But remember that you have two ways – legal and illegal, you can either bring the cargo to the specified place of delivery, or hand over the cargo to the black market, but keep in mind that your reputation as a freight carrier will depend on this.


Park your car and relax at the motels, fuel your truck at gas stations, and don’t forget to follow the rules of the road to avoid getting fines! Carry a variety of cargos from simple boxes and fittings to specialized equipment, earn money, buy new trucks and trailers, hire drivers, manage your fleet, expand your business, become an ace of cargo transportation!

Grow your trucking company, but don’t forget to improve your truck too! Travel on country and city roads, as well as on highways and major road junctions, get a unique driving experience and feel like a real trucker!

Drive the most famous trucks in the world on difficult roads that will test all your driving skills, feel how a real trucker lives!

  • More than 10 detailed trucks with a realistic interiors from small trucks to popular long-haul trucks
  • A reputation system that affects the behavior of bandits and police who may be interested in your cargo
  • Characteristics of the driver’s well-being, such as hunger and sleep, which significantly affect the gameplay
  • Advanced system for simulating cargo behavior on board a truck
  • More than 10 different goods by fragility for transportation from boxes to specialized equipment
  • A huge open world with different cities and villages
  • Various gadgets for your truck from an additional gas tank to a boosted engine
  • A huge number of trailers and semi-trailers, from onboard to narrowly specialized
  • The choice of the appearance of the main character, as well as his clothes
  • Realistic physics engine – car damage system, speedometer, fuel level control
  • Car tuning system
  • Detailed road signs, speeding radars, and collision fines
  • Realistic traffic system
  • GPS system, which directs you to the destination for cargo delivery, and also warns about speed limits on this section of the road
  • Addictive gameplay showing all the charms of the life of a simple trucker

Like trucks? Always wanted to feel like a professional trucker? Then Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D is your choice!

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